E-CA – CRE-AC is the Expertise Center for Central Africa. Its aim is to promote improved access and dissemination of knowledge about central Africa at the Belgian, European and international levels. The Centre is a policy-oriented development tool and a catalyst for networking. It is mandated to provide a better understanding of the region by promoting dialogue and the exchange of information between the scientific and academic spheres, NGOs, government and the private sector. E-CA – CRE-AC reinforces the tradition of partnership between Belgium and central Africa.

It organizes monthly policy talks and publishes the Conjonctures Congolaises in partnership with the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren. This annual publication offers a collection of articles on economy, society and politics in the DRC and is available online.

In 2016 An Ansoms (UCL) and I took over from Stefaan Marysse as Directors of E-CA – CRE-AC.