Selected talks


University of Antwerp’s UCSIA and USOS organized the conference Mining and Social Justice in February 2023. Sara Geenen gave an introductory presentations on mineral supply chains, while Sarah Katz-Lavigne presented the Driving Change project.

HDCA 2022

Panel on Regulation with participation? Putting small-scale producers at the forefront of supply-chain regulation

Roundtable on Promoting decent work in ASGM: Time to dig differently? With Boris Verbrugge (HIVA, InForMining), Divin-Luc Bikubanya (USOS, UCSIA, CEGEMI, InForMining), Patrick Balemba (Justice et Paix) and a presentation of the InForMining results.

SASE 2022

Presentation with Sarah Katz-Lavigne: The Mineral Supply Chain Does Not Exist. How Legal Regimes Build Mineral Supply Chains &
Obscure Alternative Knowledge and Normative Systems

IOB 2022

Seminar GLAC IOB. February 2022

Bukavu 2021

Conference 4T dans les mines d’or : travail, technologies, taxes, tensions. See conference website

IOB 2021

Seminar IOB. June 2021

Manila 2021

Seminar De La Salle University Philippines. May 2021

Brussels 2021

Justice et Paix Conference. May 2021

Amsterdam 2021

Conference Sustainability. February 2021

Book launch 2020

Book launch. June 2020

Bukavu 2019

Seminar Université Catholique de Bukavu. December 2019.

ECAS 2019

ECAS Basel. June 2019

IOB 2018

ASM Workshop at IOB. 6-7 December 2018


On 20 December 2018 the Development Cooperation branch of the Flemish Interuniversity Council celebrated its 20th anniversary. I gave a Pecha Kucha on the impact of the long-term institutional cooperation with the Université Catholique de Bukavu.

Kinshasa 2018

In November 2018 I co-organized the conference Development Policies and Practices in the DRC in Centre Bilembo, Kinshasa. I gave a talk on “L’industrie minière et les effets d’entraînement. Quel développement pour la RDC?”.

ECAS 2017

I convened a panel on Labour (markets) in extractive industries and presented a paper co-authored with Jeroen Cuvelier entitled “Local elites and labour control: continuities and changes in the Congolese mining sector”.

Surrey 2017

I gave a presentation about CEGEMI’s research in eastern DRC for an audience of policy makers, international organizations and NGOs, consultancy firms and academics at the ASM Data Dialogue event, which was part of a World Bank and PACT-led initiative to set up a global database on ASM. Learn more about the DELVE project here.

Bukavu 2016

I presented a paper and a poster at the Bukavu conference “Transition and local development in Eastern DRCongo” on 8-10 December.

Uppsala 2016

I gave a presentation on “How ‘uncertainty’ is governing the gold production network in Eastern DRCongo” at the workshop on Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala.

Surrey 2015

I presented my field report on Ghana in a lecture on “Hybrid governance in mining concessions. Field report from Gana” in the Master in Extractive Industries and Society (prof. Gavin Hilson) at the Surrey Business School in November 2015.

UCL 2015

I presented a work in progress  the UCL conference Chair Singleton ‘Radiographie du néoliberalisme”.

Surrey 2014

I gave a lecture on “Beyond conflict minerals. Discourses, policies and realities in the DRC” in the Master in Extractive Industries and Society (prof. Gavin Hilson) at the Surrey Business School in November 2014.

UCB 2014

I presented my PhD research at the Université Catholique de Bukavu Jubilee conference in September 2014.

MRN 2014

I presented my post doc project proposal at the Mining Research Network seminar in Amsterdam in May 2014.

CAS 2014

I gave a presentation at the Centre of African Studies Annual Conference at the University of Edinburgh: Mining and Political Transformations in Africa.

ECAS 2013

I gave a presentation on the regulation of the gold sector in eastern DRC in a panel on conflict minerals organized by prof. Timothy Raeymaekers, University of Zurich, and one on land grabbing by mining companies, based on a book chapter I co-authored with Jana Hoenke, University of Edinburgh.

ASA UK 2012

At the British Africa Studies Association conference I gave a presentation on contentious encounters between mining companies and local communities, the case of Banro in South Kivu in a panel organized by prof. Gavin Hilson, Surrey University.