Global organization of production

This course is part of the Advanced Master of Globalization and Development.  Learning objectives are the following:

  • Students comprehend the global organization of production and acquire theoretical and conceptual tools to analyse this, including from Global Value Chains, Global Commodity Chains, Global Production Networks and Global Supply Chains.
  • Students can critically reflect on key concepts, such as value, governance, and economic and social upgrading, making use of a variety of sources and case studies.
  • Students can analyse and present their own insights on issues such as ethical supply chain governance, extractivism, labour unfreedom, relating these to broader developments in globalization and historical trends.

In February 2023 students attended the UCSIA/USOS conference on Social Justice in Mining. As an assignment for the course they made a number of podcasts episodes that reflected upon the conference as well as the course content.

Here are some examples by Camila Salazar Nunez and Rebeca Lara BenavidesBalolage Gloire and Nonvignon Dossou JustinTewodros MershaChau Ngoc San NguyenMohammed Toyib and Ousmane Alpha Diallo, Ines Martin, Kevin Vega, Cynthia Cheshari, Bridget Thielens Lomo, Moira Cornejo Zambrana, Gurmessa Kenea Umeta, Vera Tjandrawinata, Yahui Chang, and Amalia Mimbar.

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