In the media


Reuters reported on the horrible collapse of a gold mine in Kamituga; I commented on work conditions in these mines. I wanted to stress that deplorable working conditions should not be a reason to stop sourcing from ASM, but on the contrary to support it and invest more in protective equipment.

The Conversation

Together with Boris Verbrugge I wrote an article on how informal gold miners are missing out on the current boom in mineral prices.

De Standaard & La Libre Belgique

Together with Kristof Titeca I wrote an opinion article on Milo Rau’s Congo Tribunal in De Standaard (in Dutch) and La Libre Belgique (in French).

Irin news

I was quoted in Emmanuel Freudenthal’s article for IRIN news on How advocacy gave Trump ammunition on conflict-free minerals.

Trump is right on Congo’s minerals, but for all the wrong reasons

I wrote a piece on Trump’s decision to repeal Dodd Frank in The Conversation. It can be found here.

Conflict minerals open letter

I signed theĀ open letterĀ on the dangerous consequences of the ‘conflict minerals’ narrative and translated the letter in Dutch

The open letter got coverage in several international media: the Washington Post, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, TAZ, RFI, Radio Okapi, Mo Magazine and others

La Libre Belgique

My research was mentioned in an article on artisanal miners in the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique

Obama’s law

I gave my view on what needs to be done to improve the working conditions for artisanal miners in the Kivu’s for the Obama’s law project


In 2011 I wrote an article in MO*Magazine on the impact of the presidential mining ban (in Dutch)


I wrote an article on the early impact of the mining ban for the Texas In Africa blog in November 2010


I was cited in an IRIN article on ‘Keeping track of mineral resources