Update. Mukungwe

One of the mines I have done research in, is Mukungwe, also known as ‘Maroc’. Sadly enough, the security situation in Mukungwe has deteriorated over the past years and months. Currently the mine is in the hands of Alexis Rubango and his armed group. Most artisanal miners have left, and from Bukavu they are pleading for a quick return of order in the mine, deploring more than 20 victims of the recent violence. In September 2015 they have organized sit-ins and demonstrations (see pictures below ©Comité de Creuseurs de Mukungwe) at the Ministry of Mines in Bukavu and in Mushinga. Here you can find their memorandum of 17 August, in which they ask for a peaceful return of the artisanal miners, a reestablishment of order by the Congolese government authorities, and a smooth continuation of exploration by Banro, as well as a resuming of the negotiations with the company.

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